General Administration

Getting help with a few of your administrative tasks can free up valuable time that you could be spending with your clients or on fee-earning projects.

The following list is not exhaustive but gives a flavour of the different ways in which I help businesses become more profitable, more streamlined and more professional.


  • Designing documents and templates for re-use
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Creating presentations
  • Booking transport and accommodation
  • Transcription
  • Research
  • Sourcing and sending client gifts
  • Preparing documents for online signature
  • Finding a new supplier
  • Setting up call-handling service

Marketing Support

  • Writing newsletters
  • Designing digital and printed materials, with bulk printing available through a trade partner
  • Creating branded headers for your LinkedIn profile and company page
  • Drafting content for brochures/flyers/leaflets
  • Sourcing branded goods and client gifts

Event Management

  • Facilitating/hosting online meetings
  • Researching suitable venues
  • Handling bookings and marketing
  • Finding a speaker
  • Creating delegate packs/handouts
  • Managing menu selections and dietary requirements
  • Supporting your event in-person on the day
  • Gathering feedback afterwards
  • Preparing and looking ahead to your next event


All work is billed to the minute so you pay for exactly what you use – no rounding up or weekly minimums.



A “Taster” option, giving you flexibility and unlimited hours for up to 2 months.

This is an ideal way to try my services, without making any commitment.




Securing my time on a retainer basis allows you to call upon me at any time to support your business, in return for a minimum monthly fee.

The General Administration Retainer includes 10 hours per month. Unused retainer hours do not rollover.

Top ups


Top up your retainer hours as often as necessary during the month.

Unused additional hours roll over into the next month.


What People Are Saying

“Isobel has supported me on a number of projects recently...she is efficient and focused on getting the job done and has really helped me to move forward on the projects and carry some of the load. I now have someone that I can rely on to support me with all those tasks that either get in the way or never get done.”

Claire Snowdon

Snowdon Consulting

“I would have been left in a sea of confusion without Isobel’s calm, organised, methodical approach to both me and all of the clients involved. Working with Isobel made me crave for someone who could organise both my clients and myself every day on every project. Seeming completely unflappable even with deadlines looming, Isobel ensured information was compiled neatly and efficiently, clients were consulted regularly and most importantly responded to her requests. In short without Isobel’s efficient administration we would never have brought the project in on time. I am in awe of your organisational skills and endless good humour. Thanks Isobel, you are a joy to work with.”

Peter McConnell

Copywriter, What Are Words Worth

"Isobel has supported me with important work at short notice on all types of tasks from admin jobs to marketing research and has done so in a far more efficient and focused manner than ever I could have hoped for myself. For purely selfish reasons I would hesitate to recommend her to any potential clients because I know that as soon as they have used her services once, they will certainly use her again and she could run out of time to help me!"

Luca Rado

Co-founder, The Live In Care Company

"Isobel always provides fabulous and friendly service, nothing is too much trouble and she is always a pleasure to deal with."

Clare Turner Marshall

Founder and Inspirational Speaker, The Money PT