The Highlights of 2021

Reflecting on the year leaves me with mixed emotions. In some ways 2021 was a lot better than 2020 -…

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customer avatars

Customer avatars – which hat does YOUR customer wear?

Customer avatars! Without these, how can you truly know who your customers are? I’ve heard it so many times before,…

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to outsource is your lifeline

“I do everything myself. Why should I outsource?”

When you first start up your business, "outsource" is not a word that features in your vocabulary.  You wear all…

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Getting Back to Face to Face Meetings and Workshops

We were all excited about the lifting of restrictions on June 21st, but the recent announcement that the Covid restrictions…

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let's get down to business

Let’s Get Down to Business, by Dave Reynolds

Recently I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Henley's very own Dave Reynolds.  Dave is one of the Directors…

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Quick Tips for Users of Google Drive

I am a big fan of all things Google. I love the ease with which I can share documents with…

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