The Highlights of 2021

Reflecting on the year leaves me with mixed emotions. In some ways 2021 was a lot better than 2020 – at least we were not locked down for months, living in fear for our loved ones, with businesses and livelihoods put on hold. But 2021 has had its share of ups and downs, both in […]

Customer avatars – which hat does YOUR customer wear?

Customer avatars! Without these, how can you truly know who your customers are? I’ve heard it so many times before, in so many different ways, but never actually got around to doing anything about creating my own customer avatars. I have plenty of clients, they all seem to be happy with the service I provide […]

“I do everything myself. Why should I outsource?”

When you first start up your business, “outsource” is not a word that features in your vocabulary.  You wear all the hats and do all the jobs because you are the only member of the team! Everything from creating sales leads to getting bums on seats, from marketing to project management, from sending invoices to […]

Getting Back to Face to Face Meetings and Workshops

We were all excited about the lifting of restrictions on June 21st, but the recent announcement that the Covid restrictions will not all be lifted as expected has thrown a number of my clients’ plans into disarray. Those who had been planning face to face events after this date have had to re-think how to […]

Let’s Get Down to Business, by Dave Reynolds

Recently I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Henley’s very own Dave Reynolds.  Dave is one of the Directors of Henley Business Partnership as well as being a successful business coach and mentor. He is a well-known face around town. Dave began interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners a few years ago, in an effort […]

Quick Tips for Users of Google Drive

I am a big fan of all things Google. I love the ease with which I can share documents with my team and keep track of who has made which changes; I know that if I update a document then the right people will immediately have access to the latest version without my having to […]