Creative ways in which you can use your branding

When you received the final version of your logo from your brand designer, I bet you couldn’t wait to start using it! Having a properly designed logo helps your brand speak out to your clients – and this is the important part: your business branding represents you and your values whilst at the same time attracting your ideal customers.


Your branding has got do to a lot of heavy lifting!


So why not make sure you’re using that branding in all the right places?


Of course, we all love a free pen, but if you’re going to the expense of having your logo printed onto a giveaway product, please make it a decent one that we can use! One of my clients asked me recently to source some branded goods and the remit was “quality that shows we care”. Each gift he gave to his clients exuded quality and showed he had really thought about them by giving something that they would not be embarrassed to use in front of other people – et voilà! His brand is immediately put in front of new potential clients! And all for less than £10.


How about adding your brand colours to your LinkedIn profile header? It can still be “a little bit you” or you can go all out and add the company logo and strapline too. And it costs nothing.


For everyday use, why not pimp up your email footer? Just adding your logo alongside your name gives a more professional image, especially if you put a few other creative details in there too.


Get creative with your ideas and make sure that you are using your branding in the right way for your customers. If they can’t see it, it can’t work!


If you’d like to find out how I can help you, let’s have a chat.

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