Getting Back to Face to Face Meetings and Workshops

We were all excited about the lifting of restrictions on June 21st, but the recent announcement that the Covid restrictions will not all be lifted as expected has thrown a number of my clients’ plans into disarray. Those who had been planning face to face events after this date have had to re-think how to deliver workshops and training events in a Covid-secure way; the balance between meeting the needs of the attendees and working within the guidelines can be a tricky path to tread, particularly when the guidelines are not easy to interpret.

By working through the different options together we can still deliver events to large groups.

In one case we have been let down by a venue that is not able to meet the current guidance and is, therefore, unable to host the event. Luckily, through a combination of hard work and sheer good luck, I have been able to find an alternative venue at a week’s notice. Some changes to the planned day have had to be made – lunch will be plated up instead of the usual buffet; delegates will be seated at tables with a maximum of six people instead of the usual free-choice and mingling; group work will be undertaken in the same groups throughout the day instead of mixing people up for each session. However, these changes are a small price to pay.

Maybe we’ll go easy on the hand-shaking and greeting hugs, though.

If you are trying to organise a corporate event and need some help with the logistics and navigating the current guidance, give me a call for a quick chat to see how I can help.

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