“I do everything myself. Why should I outsource?”

When you first start up your business, “outsource” is not a word that features in your vocabulary.  You wear all the hats and do all the jobs because you are the only member of the team! Everything from creating sales leads to getting bums on seats, from marketing to project management, from sending invoices to managing your clients’ expectations… it’s all down to you.

As your business grows, you start to feel the pressure. Every day feels like you are fighting fires. You only have enough time to answer the most pressing emails and you’re just about keeping on top of your client’s needs, but anything else is simply dropping off your radar. There is no longer time to chat and ask if your client enjoyed their holiday – you’re just envious you haven’t taken one yourself! As for marketing and keeping up with your social media feed or writing an article for your website… well, why would you want to keep up with these non-revenue earning tasks when you have more work than you can handle?

Because eventually, your pipeline will dry up. 

Because you haven’t been marketing yourself due to the pressure of work, you suddenly have no work.


So let’s take a step back in time. Your business is growing, you find yourself telling people “I’ve had a great week, I’ve been really busy!”.  This is the time to start outsourcing, and it really doesn’t matter what you outsource, just get some help. Whatever it is you disklike doing, get help with that first – doing the bookkeeping, being present on social media, liaising with clients and managing their expectations – it means a lot for them to receive a birthday card from you or a quick email telling them how their project is coming along.

Get help before you need it. Have someone you trust lined up in the wings, ready to step in; the handover will be seamless and your clients will love you all the more, without realising you are no longer doing everything. The important thing is, that you are there for them when you need to be. Being able to outsource to someone you trust and having someone else support your business growth at this stage is vital.

If you’re not sure how or what to outsource, let’s have a conversation. I might not be the person you need but I can certainly guide you to find that right person. Let’s chat.


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