Getting. Stuff. Done.

Not just a Virtual Assistant!

I can offer support for any business, ranging from the simple to the downright complex. With a background including IT, Consultancy, Project Management and Business Management, my clients call upon me for support in all shapes and sizes.

Generally, I work with small businesses, helping them in areas where they need support in order to be able to function more efficiently and to grow. This can be anything from an office move to a research project; client communications to project management; or just simple VA work.

By keeping the operational cogs moving, I am allowing the business owner to focus on their clients and maximise their profit.

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How can I help you?

There are two types of tasks involved in running your business:

The first is the things only you can do because they require specific knowledge or experience, a certain skill set or an industry qualification.

Then there is everything else – all those little operational tasks which are necessary to the running of the business.

But they don’t earn you any revenue, they don’t help you develop your offering and they certainly weren’t the reason you decided to run your own business!

That’s where I come in.

I can take everything else from you, ensuring that the wheels of your business keep turning, leaving you to focus on your clients – improving your service or enhancing your product.

Let me help you find your light bulb moment.

Helping businesses grow

When you pass these operational tasks to me, you will probably double the amount of time you can spend working ON your business.

You won’t have the distractions you had before, and you’ll be confident that everything is being done, quietly and professionally, behind the scenes.

Looking after other people’s businesses is what I do for a living, and I’d love to help you with yours.

By the way, it’s likely that I’ll get through a lot of this work more quickly than you would have done.

I’m not Superwoman, I’m just massively organised and efficient.

It’s a bit like knowing I can paint a wall, but it’ll take me several weekends just to assemble the materials. A professional painter will have it finished before I’ve even got his first cup of tea brewed.

The result?

You’ll be operating more efficiently and offering a more professional service.

Your business will be more profitable.

You could simply work fewer hours, or you could use this extra time to grow your business. Which will you choose?


There’s a whole host of different services on offer.

The following list is not exhaustive but gives a flavour of the different ways in which I help businesses become more profitable, more streamlined and more professional.


  • Designing documents and templates for re-use;
  • Proofreading before you hit send;
  • Creating presentations;
  • Booking transport and accommodation.

Marketing Support

  • Writing social media posts;
  • Creating flyers;
  • Writing newsletters;
  • Maintaining your CRM system;
  • Printing materials through a trade supplier.

Event Management

  • Supporting online meetings, presentations and webinars;
  • Finding a speaker;
  • Creating delegate packs/handouts;
  • Handling bookings and publicity;
  • Managing menu selections and dietary requirements;
  • In-person support on the day;
  • Gathering feedback afterwards;
  • Preparing and looking ahead to your next event.

Special Projects

  • Researching any topic and presenting the findings;
  • Establishing and documenting your business processes;
  • Hiring and supervising agency staff;
  • Finding a new supplier;
  • Managing office moves;
  • Finding new premises;
  • Conducting a stocktake;
  • Setting up a call-handling service.

Client Management

  • Regularly communicating with and updating your clients;
  • Scheduling meetings or appointments;
  • Meeting and greeting at events;
  • Sourcing and sending appropriate client gifts;
  • Following up on quotes.



There is no minimum contract, no complicated retainers, just straightforward, honest pricing.


Prices start at £30/hour if you pre-pay; simply choose how many hours you would like, and I’ll draw down on your account and let you know when it needs to be topped up.

Regular budget

If you prefer the security of a regular number of hours every week, you just pay for the month and I’ll only do the hours you have specified so that you can be assured of sticking to your budget.

Payment on completion

For those who prefer to settle up after the work is completed, I will invoice in arrears at the higher rate of £35/hour.


If required, I can provide detailed reporting  showing you what I have worked on and how long each project took.

I record my time to the nearest minute. There’s no “minimum of 15 minutes per task”, or “rounding up each day”.

With me, you pay only for what you use, and you get exactly what you pay for.


What People Are Saying

“I would really recommend Isobel if you are a business owner wanting to focus on your core high value activities and need a responsive, reliable and friendly assistant to support you with all the other tasks you need to get done. Isobel has certainly helped me become more productive and more professional and she is so easy to work with. I simply achieve more with Isobel's support.”

David Haimes

Leadership Coach, The Henley Coaching Partnership

“Isobel has supported me on a number of projects recently...she is efficient and focused on getting the job done and has really helped me to move forward on the projects and carry some of the load. I now have someone that I can rely on to support me with all those tasks that either get in the way or never get done.”

Claire Snowdon

Snowdon Consulting

“Isobel is a superb asset to my company in her support role as a virtual assistant. Brilliantly organised, flexible and insightful, Isobel has improved our processes and I highly value her input. She saves my team and I tonnes of time, which is invaluable. I can't recommend her enough.”

Henry McIntosh

Twenty One Twelve Marketing Ltd

“I truly value Isobel's insight and integrity. She is thorough and focused – an important asset to the team. Always honest in her approach and great fun to work with.”

Pete McDonald

Service and QS Management

“Isobel provided temporary support for the commercial side of the business helping us with a number of projects. Very focussed, hard-working and smart, she is excellent at keeping everyone on track, and in finding alternative solutions to problems. The quality of her work is first class and she can provide deeper insights into the business overall.”

Keith Wilson

President International, La-Z-Boy Incorporated

“I would have been left in a sea of confusion without Isobel’s calm, organised, methodical approach to both me and all of the clients involved. Working with Isobel made me crave for someone who could organise both my clients and myself every day on every project. Seeming completely unflappable even with deadlines looming, Isobel ensured information was compiled neatly and efficiently, clients were consulted regularly and most importantly responded to her requests. In short without Isobel’s efficient administration we would never have brought the project in on time. I am in awe of your organisational skills and endless good humour. Thanks Isobel, you are a joy to work with.”

Peter McConnell

Copywriter, What Are Words Worth

Like to find out more?

Let's have a chat – phone, video, face to face, whatever suits you best. Just as you'll have questions you want to ask me, we both need to make sure we're suited to each other before we start working together.